My Arrival

On July 9th I arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. For the first two days we began planning out what we would be doing during our outreach trips.We split up into three groups focused on exercise, nutrition, and medication. Each group brainstormed different activities that equally engaged and educated. The group that I was in was the medication group. Some of our objectives included learning the basics of diabetes, learning the different types of insulin, learning the steps to inject insulin, highlighting the importance of consistent medication use, and learning the common symptoms of high/low blood sugar.  The activities we planned ranged from board games to correctly arranging the steps of injecting insulin. After planning and practicing the activities our Spanish speaking was put to the test. The task was to completely test a persons blood sugar in Spanish, a task I managed to fail a hundred times before mastering. Needless to say I am now a pro and “quieres chequear la glicemia?”  is imprinted in my brain.


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