Memorable Moments

There was one woman I could never forget. She did not have diabetes, but she was one of the most invested people I saw all week. The older women was eager to become educated on diabetes because the children in her neighborhood she occasionally watched live with diabetes. The amount of interest from someone living without diabetes and without even a family member living with diabetes was astonishing. It sounds like a cliche but there was certain light that was brought to the room through her unrelenting happiness and enthusiasm. Selfless is the word that comes to mind to describe her as she even tried to help others around her understand. I strive to encompass her qualities now and later in my life.

In one of the particularly poor areas we visited I befriended a young girl. Her whole family had come to get more educated on diabetes because multiple people in her family were living with diabetes. She was full of life and wanted to be everyones friend. It was my long hair that drew her in; Her and her brother played with it on each sides of my head. She was by my side throughout the day. My favorite thing to do was pick her up and twirl her around only to bring the most beautiful smile to her face. The heat this day was worse than usual. My long hair became a burden and I had forgotten a pony tail holder. As we sat, dripping with sweat, the little girl asked me if she could braid my hair. When she got to the bottom of my never-ending hair we were again faced with the problem of no pony tail holder. Suddenly her face lit up with an idea, she pulled out one of her beaded pony tail holders from her braids and put it in my hair. She then combined two of her braids to make up for her missing bead she had taken out. I know it seems like a small act of kindness. I also know this little girl does not have much, yet she gave me her beaded hair-tie. We knew each other all but a day and she gave the simple kindness to me that reminded me of the power of a child. She reminded me of the pure kindness and willingness to give that so many children have. I felt the undying power of youth to better the world.



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